If there are written instructions from the deceased specifying Burial then a Cremation cannot take place.  Burial is still the traditional interment commonly used and there are a number of available local cemeteries.

Townsville Cremations "NOW" offer Traditional Burials, Non Traditional Burials and Direct Burials, in other words, we will pick up your loved one from a Hospital, Nursing Home or House and have a private Burial at the Cemetery of your choice.

Our Sister Company Townsville Funerals also does Burials as well with the same Friendly Staff and facilities.

All the Funeral Homes in Townsville use the same Coffin Manufacture, Florist and Clergy, the difference in our costs verses the other Funeral Homes we do NOT have Share Holders to report too and "ALL" our Profits stay in Townsville.

This is why, we can offer "your Family" a better Funeral cost for Burials with the same Service as the other Funeral Homes by having the two separate Business under the one roof.

Go to www:townsvillefunerals.com.au and compare our prices against the other Funeral Homes.

We can save you thousands on Burials. As each Council has different pricing, please call us for a quote.

Our package includes:

  • Council Fees, one or two Tents, 40 Chairs and cold water
  • Death Certificate
  • Basic Newspaper Notice
  • Coffin  
  • Flowers for coffin
  • Clergy or Celebrants Fee (done by our own fully certified staff)
  • Professional Fee
  • A Church, Hall or Our Chapel