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Arranging a funeral is one of the most trying tasks you will ever have to do. At Townsville Cremations, we understand the range of emotions you will feel in this time and aim to ease the burden.

Lori and Neville Boyle are the owners of Townsville Cremations and Townsville Funerals and together with their eight staff members, have over 30 years of experience in the funeral industry. Each staff member is trained in all aspects of funeral preparations from the collection of your loved one, to the preparation of the body, to overseeing the flower arrangements and brochures. Lori is also a celebrant so she can work with you to organise the perfect celebration of your loved one’s life.

Part of our mission is to give you an all-encompassing, stress-free experience including looking after all of the people touched by your loved one. This means we go above and beyond in all aspects of our service. From the moment we are contacted we ensure that we not only treat your deceased with all the love and care they deserve but also help the carers who looked after your loved one in their final moments. Part of this role includes the gentle handling of your loved one as they are transferred into our care.

Our new premises has every feature you could need for a funeral, including a chapel, reception room, children’s playroom and a quiet room for that peaceful moment of reflection or for breastfeeding with a function room to follow in the very near future.  All of this is provided as a convenience to you, to free you from the pain of multiple conversations with different retailers.

We understand how overwhelming the process of organising a cremation can be. This is why we work closely with a local grief counsellor who we can also put you in touch with if you feel the need.

At Townsville Cremations, we operate under strict guidelines and a code of conduct. We constantly upgrade our facilities and train our staff to a high quality and professional standard. This includes making sure that we have all the right equipment for handling your loved one in the most dignified way possible.

We know that arranging a funeral is often seen as an expensive process which only adds to the stress of the time. This is why we guarantee that we will never unnecessarily increase our prices nor lessen the quality of our services in order to save money. All our customers get the same high standard of care at all times.